About the Project

The Streamcross recording project was launched in 2015 when the praise band members at Grace Lutheran Church in Streamwood, Illinois realized they had written nearly enough original songs over the years to produce a full-length album. Music Minister and band leader Doug Pelt spent the summer writing additional material with other members, refining arrangements, and producing a demo of the CD. The group entered the studio that fall and began recording the tracks in the evenings and on weekends when schedules aligned.

While the final product took much longer to complete than expected, we know that it was worth the extra time and effort. The group wishes to thank God for His love and mercy in our lives and for inspiring the music on this album. We are also grateful for the financial and prayer support from many individuals in the congregation at Grace and beyond. Your excitement about this music has kept us hopeful throughout this process. To God be the glory!

Streamcross group photo

L-R: Alex (drums), Chad (guitar), Greg (bass), Paul (percussion), Frank (vocals), Doug (guitar, piano)

Track Listing:

  1. I Will Worship with All My Heart
    written by Paul Cutler
    Deuteronomy 6:4-5; John 7:37-39; Romans 6:22
  2. Lord Teach Us How to Pray
    written by Doug Pelt, Frank Vito
    Luke 11:1-4; Matthew 6:8-13
  3. Your Mercy and Your Love
    written by Doug Pelt, Frank Vito
    Psalm 25
  4. Lord Have Mercy
    written by Doug Pelt
    Kyrie Eleison ; Psalm 69; Matthew 20:30
  5. Glory to God in the Highest
    written by Doug Pelt
    Gloria in Excelsis Deo ; Luke 2:14
  6. We Believe (Credo)
    written by Doug Pelt, Frank Vito
    Apostle’s Creed ; Nicene Creed
  7. Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus)
    written by Paul Cutler
    Isaiah 6:3; Matthew 21:9
  8. Lamb of God
    written by Doug Pelt, Frank Vito, Greg Lee
    Agnus Dei ; 1 Corinthians 13:13; John 1:29
  9. Amazing Grace (The Sweet Sound)
    text by John Newton, adapted by Doug Pelt